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The Airey House 
Welcome to our dedicated website for the Airey House.
The Airey house is one of the most common pre reinforced concrete (PRC) house constructions. Airey Houses were designated defective under the 1985 housing act where it was found the presence of chlorides in the concrete were resulting in the corrosion of the steel reinforcements and subsequently cracking and spalling of the concrete.
What started the Building Research Establishment (BRE) investigation into PRC houses was an Airey house caught fire and when checking through the remains of the house it was found that the steel supports in the concrete posts had started to deteriorate. This lead to PRC house type constructions been designated defective in the housing act of 1985 which consequently lead to these houses no longer been mortgageable unless an appropriate repair scheme was carried out to rectify the defects.
If you had purchased your PRC house before 1985 under the right to buy schemes local authorities made grants available to have the necessary repairs carried out. Grants are no longer available for PRC houses. 
At Defective Properties we specialize in all aspect of PRC houses, we specialize in the repair and renovation of PRC houses, we can advise and arrange on mortgages for PRC houses and we can arrange for the reissue of PRC certificates for PRC houses which have been subject to a PRC repair scheme.

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