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The Airey House 
Period Built:
Number Built:
Identification Characteristics:
External Walls:
W Airey & Sons Ltd
R Costain Ltd
Frederick Gibberd
1945 to 1955
2 storey semi-detached houses,
Medium or steep pitched hipped or Gable roof covered with tiles.
External walls of exposed aggregate PRC panels throughout the
upper panels oversailing lower panels.
Splayed PRC corner panels.
Tile hanging or horizontal timber boarding to gable apex.
Cracking of PRC columns.
Water penetration through PRC panels.
High chloride content in PRC panels.
Concrete downstand beam.
Storey height tapered PRC columns reinforced vertically with steel tube.
Steel dowel to tubular reinforement conection at first floor level.
Steel locating jig at first floor level.
Shaped PRC panels copper wired to columns.
Plasterboard on timber battens.
PC corner panels.
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