PRC Consultants
Specialists in the repair and renovation of Airey houses 
The Airey House 
To make an Airey house mortgageable you will need to have a licensed repair system carried out. There are two method of repair available for an Airey house, the first repair method and the most widely used throughout the UK is the Halifax Structural Refurbishment scheme for an Airey house. The second method of repair is the PRC Homes Ltd repair schemes.
The Halifax approved scheme involves the removal of the concrete columns from the three external walls and replacing with a traditional cavity of block insulation and brick. The PRC Homes scheme also follows this method but also includes removing the concrete posts from the party and spine wall.
We will discuss the whole process in detail with you. You will have the option to choose the type and colour of the bricks for your PRC repair as well as new windows and doors. All the building work will be overseen by an independent engineer and building control. The majority of PRC rebuilds we carry out you will not need to leave your home. At the end of the repair we will issue you a PRC completion certificate, a completion certificate from the local authority building control and a FENSA certificate for any new windows and doors you have had fitted.
Once an Airey house has been repaired you will find it will be a lot warmer and more energy efficient. 
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