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The Airey House 


Around the UK there are many Airey houses which have been repaired by the local authorities which do not have an appropriate PRC completion certificate in place. It is not unusual for a completion certificate not to have been issued at time of repair has the local authorities were repairing their own housing stock and this would have been an extra cost. Unfortunately today mortgage lenders will not lend on a repaired Airey Houses unless there is an appropriate completion certificate in place.
Leeds 1 System of Repair

The Leeds City Council 1 system has been used comprehensively throughout the UK by local authorities to rectify the structural defects which can occur with Airey Houses.
The Leeds 1 system is where the house load is transferred to new load bearing blockwork in the three external wall of the house.
There are high street mortgage lenders which will lend on houses repaired under the Leeds 1 repair system as long as the correct PRC Certificate is in place.
If you own an Airey house repaired under the Leeds City Council 1 scheme, please do not think you have to spend thousands of pounds having structural works carried out internally to be able to attract mortgage lending on your house.
We can arrange for the correct PRC Certificate to be put in place and advise you on which mortgage lenders will accept the Leeds 1 repair system for an Airey house.
Airey House Steel Structure System
A number of local authorities used a steel structure system to repair there stock of Airey houses.
The steel system involved removing the concrete posts from the three external walls replacing them with a galvanised steel frame structure.
This system of repair once certificated can attract mortgage lending however there are only a small number of lenders which will accept this system of repair for mortgage lending.
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